Goldfish Varieties

The fish are what Aquariums are all about, and we take exceptional steps to provide top quality ornamental fish for all our clients…

  • We have various holding systems at our design workshop located in Kasarani, to meet all the Goldfish requirements for your customized display.
  • All our Goldfish are acclimated and quarantined prior to being stocked in your aquarium, and are treated with utmost care throughout the acquisition, transit, and holding processes.
  • You are free to participate in the selection of Goldfish for your aquarium together with our highly experienced team.
  • All our Goldfish are carefully hand selected from reliable and sustainable sources, offering you a premium selection in various shapes, sizes and colour variations.
  • We incorporate a mix of the highest quality Goldfish foods in a wide variety of flakes, pellets, wafers and sticks, to ensure long term success in the health and growth of your Goldfish.
  • The freshwater ornamental Goldfish we specialize in include : Calico, Blackmoor, Veiltail, Shubunkin, Ryukin, Fantail, Koi carp, Oranda, Ranchu, Bubble eye, Pompom, Celestial, Orange goldfish, Pearl scale, Comet..amongst others.
  • The dazzling array of Goldfish make for an attractive display and a first class choice for aquarium owners. 
  • Our wide selection of Goldfish is something we take true pride in!! 
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