LED Collection

Designed to be as beautiful as they are powerful.

GG Aquariums LED collection are designed to enhance the brilliant colors of freshwater Ornamental fish in your aquarium. 

Our collection replicates the dynamic natural qualities of nature with the efficiency of LED technology, into a low profile, sleek lighting system which provides the optimal spread of light and color blending.

The striplights offer you features you’ve always needed with energy-efficient, long life, ultra-bright LED chips, which emit a sharp spectrum of light promoting both growth and color in your aquarium.

Our collection is available in 3 color spectrums and 4 sizes. All you need to do is simply choose the ideal size and color spectrum for your aquarium and connect it to a single power supply or controller.

Each model keeps a low profile without sacrificing brightness, and is incredibly sleek…producing amazing shimmering effects in your aquarium.

GG Aquariums LED lights are engaging for both day and night, setting the perfect ambiance for any room, and sure to turn heads with their beautiful color fades…

Immerse your aquascape in vibrant light and stunning color rendition that defies expectations, and produce a fine-tuned color spectrum for your aquatic fish and plants like no other…with GG Aquariums LED collection.

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