Aquarium Pumps & Filters

Freshwater Aquarium filtration systems

  • We offer a wide range of aquarium filtration systems that play a major role in enhancing the physical health and well being of the fish and other aquatic inhabitants in your aquarium
  • Including : Internal filters, air lines, power heads, check valves, air pumps, external filters, air stones, undergravel filters, and UV sterilizers.
  • Perfect for small, medium, and large sized aquariums.
  • Our wide range of filtration pumps convince with their compact and robust constructions, as well as low energy consumption and adjustability.
  • Offered in 7 performance variants.
  • Correct performance levels are available for all aquarium sizes.

Importance of Aquarium filters

  • Maintaining pristine water quality in your aquarium is the key to raising healthy fish and creating a clear shimmering underwater aquascape for your utmost viewing pleasure. 
  • This is achieved through a correctly set up aquarium filtration system.
  • The water agitation provided by filtration systems, ensures constant conditions in the aquarium are maintained, contributing to stabilization of the biological system.
  • GG Aquariums filtration systems provide you with all the essential components you require for a successful freshwater aquarium.
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