Aquarium Installation

We do not stop at design, once we design your aquarium, we construct, deliver, and Install it in your premises…

During the aquarium installation, all on-site activity is managed to ensure the pre-approved  plans are constructed as agreed in the design and construction planning stage. 

Detailed designs allow us to assemble your vision accurately, creating an environment within the aquarium that complements the external space.

Depending on the size of the aquarium, a typical installation project takes 3-5 days.

Once the aquarium is completed and the system is fully matured, fish and plant life that shape your chosen theme are introduced accordingly.

Without compromising on safety and durability, GG Aquariums engineer the fundamental elements that create a freshwater ecosystem best suited for freshwater ornamental fish living in the aquarium, while incorporating aquatic features for an inspiring and surreal underwater viewing experience.

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