Custom Cabinets

We Custom design Aquarium cabinets with durability and elegance in mind…

• Our cabinet designs take into account regular maintenance requirements, weight, locking and safety issues, ventilation and ease of access to the supporting equipment.

• The showcased cabinets are part of our custom cabinetry and finishing operation. We also work with other cabinet sources, designers, and contractors to coordinate the best design for each project. 

• Our cabinets are made of woods and laminates to meet each customers design requirements.

• For Large displays we provide 2″ tubular powder coated steel framing to support the weight of the aquarium.

• Our cabinets are constructed of heavy duty 3/4 inch thick plywood, veneers, standard grade laminates, a variety of solid wood choices and minimum 1 ½″ thick platforms along with 2X4 stud framing.

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