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At GG Aquariums, we specialize in building Custom Luxury aquariums in various elegant designs, to suit both Residential and Commercial Interior settings. Our aquariums encapsulate our focus on Quality, Beauty, and Precision. With every project, we deliver the ultimate in creativity and flexibility, to create an underwater ecosystem like no other… 

Just For You!!

Our Services

  • With a passion for aquatic life and a love for aquarium design and architecture, GG Aquariums creative team are proud to unveil our unique line of Custom designed luxury Aquariums.
  • Designed and created in a wide range of options to optimize both flexibility and choice.
  • We create the most striking aquatic concepts no matter the size or any logistical and budgetary constraints.
  • Transform your space today with your very own Custom designed luxury aquarium and experience a Living Masterpiece.
  • Each of our aquarium installations is bespoke, ensuring both a personal and professional service is delivered.
  • All our projects are managed to ensure that all pre-approved plans are constructed as agreed in the design and construction planning stage.
  • By managing our commissions from conceptualisation to realisation, we ensure impeccable and timely delivery of your aquarium.
  • With each installation we create an enviroment within the aquarium that seamlessly complements your external space.
  • We offer a comprehensive Custom aquarium consultancy to gain an in-depth understanding of your vision of the project and its feasibility.
  • We go above and beyond to make your vision a reality drawing from your individual taste and lifestyle.
  • Our consultancy guarantees your complete satisfaction with the result of a truly bespoke luxury design.
  • We are here to guide you through the process of creating and maintaining a Custom designed aquarium.
  • Our dedicated team is at hand to offer you a professional, ongoing aquarium maintenance service of the highest standard.
  • Our long term after care service allows you to have peace of mind and enjoy the outstanding beauty of your aquarium regardless of your busy lifestyle.
  • Our aquarium cleaning service is tailor-made to suit individual clients and ensures that optimum conditions are met through the lifetime of your aquarium.

Why Aquariums?

The first question that usually comes from our customers is “Why do i need an Aquarium?”


Aquariums incoporate the beauty of nature and tranquility into your every day life through unique design and experience.

Aquariums are the most beautiful and opulent way to bring your interior to life. Designed to showcase a wide variety of spectacular ornamental fish in well defined aquascaped environments.


The alluring array of brilliant colour variations of Ornamental fish in aquariums spark interest, and are a sure way of bestowing great entertainment value.


By creating and maintaining a living ecosystem, aquariums offer a great opportunity to learn about preservation of ornamental fish, aquatic flora and aquatic fauna.


Aquariums serve as magical gifts for loved ones on occassions like birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, weddings, retirement and other special occassions.


Aquariums provide beneficial therapeutic effects on both the psychological and emotional well being of individuals by reducing anxiety and stress levels in home and work enviroments.


Aquariums provide a Living artistic canvas for your interior space by effortlessly assuming their place as a striking visual focal point of any room, while providing an impressive habitat for Ornamental fish.


Aquariums exuberate elegance and class to interior settings, and portray a positive reflection of your individual taste and lifestyle.


Aquariums provide a great opportunity for owners to use their artistic side to create different aquascapes of interest for their tanks.


With good planning and consistent maintenance, all the benefits of owning a custom aquarium can last a lifetime!

Why Us?

We pride ourselves in Uncompromising design and Incomparable quality, delivered with First class customer service.

  • GG Custom designed Aquariums are built to last.
  • We use the best cutting edge materials known for custom builds, and deliver breathtaking results with every project.
  • Our Aquarium signature is defined by clean lines and a contemporary finish, framed with a vertical panoramic view.
  • All our glass panels provide optimum optical clarity, and are intricately mitred to provide the ultimate finishing touch to the overall aesthetic.
  • Our Custom aquarium range is designed to be as durable as it is beautiful.
  • At GG Aquariums we care about designing and building products that exceed your expectation from design through to creation.
  • We love our clients, and continually strive to building design solutions that you love.
  • We pride ourselves in appealing to all new Aquarium owners as well as invested aquarium hobbyists alike.
  • Our aftercare customer service is designed to provide you peace of mind in long term care of your new or existing aquarium system.
  • GG Aquariums take the stress out of creating and looking after aquariums.
  • At GG Aquariums we deliver quality service within stipulated time lines, with great care and professionalism.
  • We work tirelessly towards achieving incredible custom designs that encapsulate our focus on quality, beauty, and precision.
  • We deliver the ultimate in creativity, technical expertise and precision, to create an underwater environment like no other…Just for you !!
  • At GG Aquariums, our best interest is in the success of your aquarium, and the ultimate viewing pleasure you receive from the experience.
  • We make every decision and measure every outcome based on the assurance of individual client satisfaction.
  • We help attain your vision, in a healthy functional environment, where honesty and integrity in our advice and expertise form the cornerstone of our philosophy.


Some of the outstanding designs we have built for our customers…


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers are saying…

GG Aquariums are the best! We were looking for an Aquarium for a very long time and then one evening, we found a brochure at our home. That started our journey. We are glad they built our Aquarium!


We had an aquarium that was old, non-functional and poorly maintained. Through a friend, we got in touch with GG Aquariums. They repaired it. It is now as good as new. They are also maintaining it for us. Thanks GG Team!


I highly recommend the GG Team. Initially, I did not know much about Aquariums. They designed and installed one in my living room and it looks outstanding! I always refer my closest friends to GG Aquariums!


Own a custom designed Aquarium today!

Aquarium Blog

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10 Guaranteed Features of GG Aquariums

Superior glass qualityUnmatched durabilityAbsolute optical clarityScratch resistantRustproofEco-friendlyEnergy efficientNon-porousLow MaintenanceLongevityDiverse shapesVarious sizes

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